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Controlling and Configuring a VM2 application using a web browser
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VM2 Web Server Demo

The clock is shown in an HTML <object> element, enabling it to be updated once per second without requiring the whole of the rest of the page to be refreshed.

Note that the clock is displaying UTC (GMT) as received from internet time servers - your application can convert to local time as needed.

These pages are served from a VM2 controller on a standard Micro-Robotics Application board. It is connected to the office LAN using the Ethernet interface. Most of the work is done by Venom's built-in HTTPServer object. The Venom code for the server also demonstrates the use of user-defined classes to simplify addition of pages to the application.

To find out how these techniques are used in Venom code, go to the Source Code page, where all the Venom code for this demo can be displayed.

This demo was first installed in March 2013 and is likely to be changed and improved as time permits.